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This is what it's all about - where the rubber meets the road!! Effingham County is a beautiful, rural area to enjoy your bike ride.  Bike Effingham suggests always wearing a helmet.  We also recommend a bright tail light! Check out your bike before you get to your ride starting point. A well maintained bicycle is pure joy to ride! Please follow all local, state and federal guidelines as they apply to where you are riding.  Do not ride on private property without permission.  Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for automobiles! Georgia has a "THREE FEET LAW!"   And the most import thing of all, HAVE FUN!!!


Experience Effingham County's only rails-to-trails park.  The trail is .75 mile in length.  There is parking at each end of the trail.  There are benches and trash bins on the trail but no restroom facilities.  There are many local businesses nearby to visit, dine and shop.  Runners/walkers have the right of way.  Please yield to them and call out to them when passing.  

Old Central Ave - Guyton to Pineora

Park at the Ride Share parking lot between Ga Hwy 17 and Central Ave. This 8.2 mile out and back route is on open roads.  Traffic is very light.  Keep to the right side of the road and move with traffic not against. There are no stores to stop at on this route. Bring adequate food and water for your ride. This is part of the same rail bed as the Guyton rail trail.  We hope to one day have these two connected as part of one, whole trail system!

Downtown Springfield

Park at Springfield Park. This 3.0 mile ride is on the residential streets of Springfield.  Use the red light at 2nd Street to cross Laurel Street to access the south side of the town.  Riding down Laurel Street is a beautiful sight.  It is a very nice main street.  There is a wide road shoulder and the speed limit is 30 mph for cars. Wave to the mayor as you pass city hall on your bicycle!  

more locations coming soon . . .

Bike Effingham recommends the mobile app Strava to record your rides! Join our Bike Effingham Club to find group rides and other riders in the area.  See where they ride, create your own routes and share them with friends and followers!

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